Welcome to the Big Blog of Justice and Freedom . . . !

Hello…and Welcome to the big blog of Liberty and Justice!

 I have been putting off publishing one of these for a long while. Finally I have given into creating a blog.

Here you will find all my thoughts on politics and economics, everything about stuff that actually matters.

I support only the doctrine of Liberty, which happens to be the greatest political and economic doctrine there is. It’s also the simplest – it does not rely upon whims of politicians and whatever laws they may come up with. It only relies upon the freedom and the personal responsibility of the individual.

If it so happens that an opinion of mine happens to echo the platform of a certain political party, it is merely by coincidence. I will avoid, at all times, giving any sort of support to the American political parties. If we are ever to fix our problems, dissolving the political parties – and perhaps the government – would be a fine start.

If I ever start pulling out talking points and plastering them across these pages, by all means, electroshock me back to reality.

So please, feel free to contact me at the forum provided at the blog, if you have any questions or comments. Now let’s restore liberty and free markets to the entire world!


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