Does “Censure” actually mean anything ?



….I don’t think so.

Read here about McCain’s recent censure :–election.html

The only thing that will work is Arizona coming to it’s senses and elect someone better next time around.

This censure, although it can’t hurt, certainly won’t help.

Say what you will about his service to the country – it seems those who defend him must always resort to playing the service card because there is nothing else they can use to defend him. Perhaps it is a blunt statement, but I would venture to say that he has hurt our country more during his time in congress than he could have ever helped by being in the service.

He is the ultimate establishment republican – from the tea party’s point of view, a democrat – from a libertarian’s point of view, a raging statist.

But I don’t want to bash it too much – it is a step, though small – in the right direction.

Now if New York would slap Peter King on the wrist . . .


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