Seperation of the Economy and the State – First part !

(This post is too long to put in one post, so I will break it up over as many posts as necessary)

 Thousands constantly speak of how the church and their beliefs must be extracted from government and public places in order to comply with the supposed separation of church and state. They all want religion out of the schools, and to protect everyone from the supposed evils of modern religion.

Very well then, while most complain about Christmas trees in public squares, I complain about something that is very fatal to free markets and freedom overall – the dangerous and fatal association of the economy and the state.

In our nation we are quite divided on this, and it is obvious to any person with ears or eyes. There is the left wing and the right wing, and within those factions there is further division, in the left wing there are the socialists, liberals, communists, moderate democrats, and in the right wing there are the moderates, the conservatives, the tea party, the partisans, and so on.

They all yell and scream as loud as they can without any attempt at harmony or sense wanting their opinions to be heard. For instance, the left wing in America wants more spending on green programs, social programs, simply, increased spending. And the right wing, though they want less spending, still advocate the spending of other people’s money. (And you will note that the establishment republicans, though they speak of fiscal conservatism, are not willing to translate their words into actions – the establishment republicans are basically democrats…)

 And we find that there are completely unreasonable demands which originate from both factions, of equal strength, in a perpetually gridlocked and chaotic game of tug-of-war. Enough, you miserable creatures! Where is the order and better yet, where is the sense in all this?

I call upon everyone to set aside the tomfoolery of the political parties in favor of something much bigger and better. This will encompass setting aside petty politics that seem to be brought up when issues of great weight are discussed. (A huge sacrifice, it would seem…) Are those the same petty politics that will end up in the history of the world someday? No, the only question will be, did we allow liberty for all individuals?

So what does this have to do with the separation of the economy and the state? Everything.

The economy, which is nothing more than a network of production, labor, selling, and buying, best operates under conditions of freedom. God has given us a great amount of natural recourses, available to us, free of charge, with one condition; that we must labor upon these products which lay upon the Earth in abundant numbers. And in doing so we must overcome many “obstacles” – some of which are natural obstacles – and artificial obstacles which are created by us, such as government.

(The rest of my remarks will be concluded in the next post)


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