The best politcal doctrine of all…


The image above is very profound to me. It is meant to sum up contemporary liberalism, but I think it does a swell job in summing up both sides of the mainstream political spectrum, their doctrines summed up below:

DEMOCRATS / POLITICAL LEFT : We want lots of government spending and involvement.

MODERATES / MIDDLE : We don’t care enough to pay attention, so we go with whatever sounds good.

REPUBLICANS / POLITICAL RIGHT : We want government spending and involvement, but not as much as the Democrats.

And each political faction likes certain things and dislikes others (and I will avoid bringing them up here to avoid getting in those senseless political debates) and each political faction wants to impose what it likes on everyone else, and every partisan seems to want something different. Everyone has a different opinion on how much of a role government should play in our society and economy. Which is a good thing, do not misunderstand me, but where is the political harmony to be found?

More and more, this is why I am convinced the doctrine of liberty is the most superior of them all. No, it isn’t perfect, and it cannot solve all of our problems – often we expect all of our social and economic ills to be solved at once.

But one thing is for sure – putting the state in charge of fixing our conundrums will only create more.

Liberty is consistent, it means, basically that the state should stay out of things and limit itself to the things it was instituted to do – guarantee our God given right to Life, liberty, and property. Liberty grants everything that people want, and if they don’t like it – well, they can avoid it in their own life.

So now, I ask you to disregard the redundancy of the mainstream political party, in favor of liberty, because both political parties and the various related factions are speeding away from that very doctrine, no matter what they may say. So-called “Moderate” or compromising will only accelerate this.

And if anyone tells you (as I have been told) that it’s too radical, ask: “What is so radical about freedom?”


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