Privatizing the School System…?

One of the many rally cries of the libertarian movement is “Privatize it!” referring to anything being done publicly being switched to private control.

Now I will be (not the first) to admit that there are a few things which are best left to a public government, because of efficiency or other reasons (note the emphasis on FEW.)

And for awhile education for the masses was one of those things – a responsibility best left up to the local district governments. However, it is now clear that local governments no longer capable of handling education.

We can plainly see that there is no comparable competition to the public schools. There are private schools which are generally patronized by the wealthier among us, and home schooling as an option, which can generally be pursued by anyone. But we must consider something else:

A look at the budget here in the Moore Oklahoma School district reveals that the fund for general expenses – not including building or other specialized expenses – amounts to about $137, 788, 183 – all taken – plundered – from the taxpayers.

The average home price here in the area is $132,000, which shows us that $1,698 yearly is taken from the average household’s income – even if the household has no students. If the household has a student going to private school or being home schooled, the tax must still be paid, discouraging explorations into other options.

Now bear in mind, friends, that this is only the seed of a larger idea, and abstract thought that I intend soon to fill in. But I am certain that dissolving the public school system would be the best thing for our students, because it would encourage one thing that is currently lacking in the present system: competition.

In all things, honest and reasonable competition between enterprises not only encourages cheaper prices, but also a better product.

Consider for this scenario: There are three high school institutions in one general area, each run independently of another. Each of them would have to take care to a)keep costs as low as possible b) spend money as efficiently as possible, which means there is little room for waste, and c) the institution, to encourage maximum patronage, would have to provide the highest quality of education possible.

I feel free competition is the thing that can make education better, not the silly laws of politicians and the whims of local governments, marked by corruption, incompetence, and waste.

Your comments will be very much appreciated to help me construct future posts on this highly important matter.


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