A few additional comments…

I would like to make a few follow up comments on the last post, on the privatization of education.

Firstly, the reason I advocate this is because it would institute competition among different enterprises, only because this will increase quality and decrease costs – as it does very well on the free market. Find a way that a public government-run education system can do this, and I will listen. Ultimately I want schools to compete on academics as they do athletics – and I don’t believe this is particularly unreasonable.

I proposed privatization because of the competition that goes along with it.

Secondly, I don’t wish to force out the less fortunate. They have just as much right to an education as anyone else does. It would be silly to suggest that the less fortunate would be deprived of an education just because it is no longer in the hands of government. A way could certainly be found; it wouldn’t be right to jump to the conclusion that it won’t be possible without at least thinking about it first.

We tend to put out any possibility of the private sector doing something that the state has done for a very long time. Maybe there are some things that the state can do more efficiently. But it would be absurd to assume that there is no possibility of the private sector doing something well, like education.

There are two options: we continue not questioning mediocrity, or we do something to try and change it for the better.




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