Adventure in Absurdity # 2…

 …The Malaysian Flight 370

I figure, since everyone and their dog has put their words in about it all, I may as well – and now that the smoke is beginning to clear (to the disdain of the American media) – get it over with now.

I do not consider myself a conspiracy theorist. I subscribe to only a few of the so-called “conspiracy theories” and have good reason for doing so, and I don’t base them off any slight pretense. The Malaysian flight 370 is a fertile ground for conspiracy theories, and we have heard some pretty crazy ones.

And I won’t put forth another one, there’s too many as it is. That effectively rules out my going to the moon theory. Allow me, though, to point out one thing:

Isn’t it funny how all this is happening during Putin’s wrongdoings in Ukraine? Isn’t it funny to look and see the American media (who have an attention span shorter than a four year old when it comes to important matters) freak out about a plane 24/7 for two weeks straight; meanwhile Putin is displaying very objectionable aggression in Ukraine; and our president, too weak and unwilling to even do anything meaningful?

Was Putin responsible for the entire thing to distract the American media, people, and government? I don’t know if he would go all that far, but you may as well add it to our ever-expanding list of conspiracy theories.

Certainly Putin thinks that American public opinion still matters – considering he had major military movements happen during the distraction of the Olympics and the Oscar awards. Is he right that American public opinion matters to our own regime? No, but us being distracted from events over there can’t hurt. Russian troop movements aren’t as fun to talk about as a missing plane, and I suppose that sums up my entire point.

Thoughts appreciated.


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