Adventure in Absurdity #3 – At the Bundy Ranch….

The right claims this is an infringement on the man’s rights, and that it is ridiculous that so much effort be put out to protect a few turtles. The left claims that this is federal land and that Bundy and the “domestic terrorists” (as Harry Reid calls them)

But besides all that, it raises a few questions that are slightly on/off topic.

First, what is the government doing, owning so much land in the west? After all these years of the (mis)conception that the west is a place of freedom and independence, we are proven wrong with charts like these, which show us, indeed, that most of the west is owned by the feds, a very unfortunate trend:


 Now what is it all for? Well it’s one heck of an asset. If the feds were to sell it all off we could be well on our way to fiscal responsibility (or at least it would be a start.) But don’t expect to be able to buy any cheap federal land anytime soon. Look here:


Pretty colors, eh?

Well, yeah, except that the green areas are the only areas allocated for normal use. Maybe I’m just another nutty conspiracy theorist, but this is all so very real – part of a U.N. sustainable development project known to us as Agenda 21.

Now, it’s clear why I hold the UN in contempt! And, it becomes clear why the Federal Government owns so much land. Eventually the goal is to clear as much of it as possible, no matter if there are people living there.

Besides the fact that Harry Reid was set to profit because of the very Bundy land in question, had a group of Asian investors decided on investing in a solar farm in that very place. And he may profit yet, if they are able to clear those cows out of the way.

So what’s the solution for all this? Texas! I am very hopeful that the current Attorney General Abbott, who is running for governor of the state to replace Rick Perry, will get elected. He has put forth a very strong stance on the tyrannical federal land grabs, which goes, in summary: ‘come and take it, and see what happens.’









On Joe Dorman, as promised….!

Joe Dorman has attracted quite a following -mostly by people who dislike Mary Fallin. I am in that boat, somewhat, I don’t think Mary Fallin is a real conservative or has Oklahoma’s best interests in mind.

But Joe Dorman says he does! That’s the solution! Not really.

I am very suspicious of Joe Dorman. I have been ever since I heard him speak at a Youth in Government convention, and it’s not just the fishy look to his face. It intensified when I visited his website, looking for his platform to get some orientation on where he stands on major issues – and I came out of it more in the dark than I was before.

It is a regular habit of politicians to be somewhat specific when they are talking about something to grab the attention of the constituency (“is you, or is you ain’t, my constituency”) but not actually specific enough to actually make promises.

Well, as it turns out, Joe Dorman isn’t even specific enough to grab one’s attention.

Naturally, because the economy is really the only thing that actually matters, I went to that heading first. I couldn’t even debate this because there is nothing to debate about! There is only a bunch of generalized statements that I can only comment sarcastically on. I will spare you from that here.

What is the thing that the Joe Dorman campaign is missing? Facts! Oh, such a troublesome thing – the bane of any politician’s existence.

All we can do is say: maybe. Maybe he will improve the state’s economy. Maybe he will reform the bloated school system. Maybe he will foster job growth in Oklahoma but you know what? Probably not. He doesn’t seem to have a plan, and is badly disguising that fact.

I mean, if you don’t even have politicians who can successfully bullcrap his way through something, you’ve got a failure as a politician.

I encourage you to go to the Joe Dorman website to see what I am talking about.

What about the Tea Party // Further comments on 2014 Midterms…

Say what you will about the “tea-baggers” – they were, I believe, wholly responsible for the shift in power brought by the 2010 midterms, and the momentum created by the grassroots movement is something worth serious political study. Now the question – will this momentum be again repeated in our midterms this year?

My guess: unfortunately, no. It is with regret that I say this.

But I just, at this point, do not see that same momentum that the tea party had established there before the midterms. Partly, I think by this time the media has figured out every way to de-legitimatize the tea party (as they do with every other conservative movement) and due to the sudden manner in which the tea party rose up, it took the media a little while to do so.

However, there is one point of hope which just may prevent a socialist takeover of our congress.

The first is Common Core, something I mentioned here earlier, but some time ago.

Like any sort of government project it is very complicated and difficult to explain; but to sum up as well as possible, it’s a new set of educational guidelines (to apply in every state) which are based on the hope that all students will follow the path to college. But this is unrealistic; we know that it is absurd to suggest that 100% of high school graduates will follow the college path.

But the outrage lies also in the data collection aspect and the fact that it would be placing more federal control of our schools which are supposed to be run by our local governments (to allow for greater parent participation in the education of the students – something which the federal government finds highly objectionable.)

This is quickly becoming a hot button issue and may influence the election. Pay attention to this; I certainly am. But be aware, as a side note: if we defeat this common core, it will promptly be implemented again, under a different name. We must stay very vigilant, friends.

That, and the “Michelle Obama” lunches which are objected to by parent and student alike, who knows, may have a slight effect. I mean, you’d be upset to if a school lunch was just a tortilla with a slice of ham…