On Joe Dorman, as promised….!

Joe Dorman has attracted quite a following -mostly by people who dislike Mary Fallin. I am in that boat, somewhat, I don’t think Mary Fallin is a real conservative or has Oklahoma’s best interests in mind.

But Joe Dorman says he does! That’s the solution! Not really.

I am very suspicious of Joe Dorman. I have been ever since I heard him speak at a Youth in Government convention, and it’s not just the fishy look to his face. It intensified when I visited his website, looking for his platform to get some orientation on where he stands on major issues – and I came out of it more in the dark than I was before.

It is a regular habit of politicians to be somewhat specific when they are talking about something to grab the attention of the constituency (“is you, or is you ain’t, my constituency”) but not actually specific enough to actually make promises.

Well, as it turns out, Joe Dorman isn’t even specific enough to grab one’s attention.

Naturally, because the economy is really the only thing that actually matters, I went to that heading first. I couldn’t even debate this because there is nothing to debate about! There is only a bunch of generalized statements that I can only comment sarcastically on. I will spare you from that here.

What is the thing that the Joe Dorman campaign is missing? Facts! Oh, such a troublesome thing – the bane of any politician’s existence.

All we can do is say: maybe. Maybe he will improve the state’s economy. Maybe he will reform the bloated school system. Maybe he will foster job growth in Oklahoma but you know what? Probably not. He doesn’t seem to have a plan, and is badly disguising that fact.

I mean, if you don’t even have politicians who can successfully bullcrap his way through something, you’ve got a failure as a politician.

I encourage you to go to the Joe Dorman website to see what I am talking about.


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