Climate Change and Terror – What do they have in common ?

…They are both abstract, indefinable ideas, presented to an easily frightened people.

A decade ago we were confronted with an enemy – the boogey man of our generation – which was most peculiar in its form. And we quickly resolved that we must fight it. These terrorists had no nationality, no clearly defined aspects. But we knew that we were dangerous and that we should find them and defeat them. Well, the only problem is that the concept of ‘terror’ is just an idea; that it can never truly be defeated here on this Earth. But that mattered little, we were spending money and lots of it, fighting a boogeyman that can never actually defeated.

Indeed, how convenient is it for a growing government and a growing industrial complex to fight an enemy that never goes away? Perpetual war on…something!

And now we find ourselves another boogeyman, this time, more domestic in its focus. Climate Change! The boogeyman of the next generation.

From the horses’  (or, ehem, the donkey’s ) mouth:

In short: New Regulations! Bliss, is always just a few regulations away!

And like terror, I don’t believe that climate change – if it is even caused by us to begin with, there is still some dispute in that regard – can be stopped with a few petty industrial regulations. But that doesn’t matter to these planners – in fact, they don’t want to see the end of climate change. That would just take away an excuse for government to grow and regulate.

And most disturbing of these regulations is that many of them exist without congressional approval and, they outright challenge what the market – the power of the collective consumer – has to say. Now, the market says that fossil fuels are best. How do I know this? Because that is the dominant form now. If some other thing should come along more practical, than the market will go to that, because it would be more advantageous. But obviously no form of alternative energy is practical enough yet…

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