Some words to conservatives and Tea Party members…

All I have been seeing on the Conservative or Tea Party pages is calls and cries like, “Justice for Benghazi !” “Investigate Benghazi!” and so on.

No, I am not trying to diminish what a crime it was. No, I am not denying that Obama and his cronies lied and ignored the situation. However, I have been seeing and hearing conservatives harp on this a lot lately, which made me think: what are the intentions of the conservatives?

Well, we all should know that there will never be a meaningful government investigation. “Oh, but so-and-so is heading it up and…” nope. Sorry. Ultimately they’re all in it together. That being considered, that leaves one thing: it’s being used, by conservatives, for political ends. Not that the tea party and the right are above such things. It’s all mainstream, dirty politics.

And, admittedly, it could be very good ammunition against Hillary in 2016, should it be needed, and it will. The only problem is how is it to be deployed?

It is legitimate political ammunition. However, the right will exhaust any legitimacy their argument has if they continue with their current rhetoric – two years away from 2016.

Now please don’t misunderstand me; Benghazi was terrible. Far worse than Watergate was but, handle it carefully.

I would say, drop it for now (if it is indeed being used for Political ends, and we all know it is, no matter what one may say) and take a breath. Maybe together we can figure out a way to form our rhetoric in the meantime before 2016.


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