The Ethics of Taxation . . .

I was thinking quite recently, is cheating on taxes unethical?

“Well yeah” one normally says, “it’s illegal to avoid or cheat on taxes!”

But is it ethical in the scope of things?

“But everyone has to pay taxes, it wouldn’t be fair!”

Save me from talk on fairness! But really, the question here, is it ethical to do everything to keep what rightly belongs to you?

Now the situation is a bit different. Taxes, we see, are no more than legalized theft, organized by professional pirates and thieves, who only live by mooching on everyone else.

I consider it entirely reasonable to keep all that belongs to you, especially if you earned it by your own work, rather than let it go to a government which will certainly misuse the money and abuse the privilege like a spoiled child with his allowance.

Let’s look at taxes from another angle: we are willingly granting government money in exchange for the defense of our life, liberty, and property – such is the function of government. But when it exceeds or no longer fulfills this function, aren’t we entitled to say, no more of our money for you? In free exchange we are able to do so.

If a government would accomplish its main function efficiently and sees to it that this function is not exceeded, then we have no problem. But look at the government now: it has long ago exceeded that main function and is even working against it. So I think that it would be reasonable to withhold what is rightly ours from such a corrupt institution.

 And even further, is it ethical for the government to steal what is rightly ours, in defense of the law and the force that comes along with it? Of course it isn’t entirely ethical, especially considering what that money is spent on.

But the law says otherwise. Very eager to hear your thoughts on this – please, comment below, and I shall attend to them in a very quick and prompt manner.


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