Lankford isn’t all he’s cracked up to be…

…dare I say it?

On June 24 droves of Oklahomans will mozy on out to the polls and vote, and a great majority of them will vote for Lankford, based on what he has said and what he did with their beloved Falls Creek.

TW Shannon, not a man I support, but apparently one to say things as they are, has sent out all sorts of “negative” or “attack” ads against Lankford, the supposed conservative candidate.

And instead of addressing these accusations (all seem to be true) Lankford instead goes and sits in the corner and cries that negativity is being added to the race. His recent facebook post:

“More attack/negative mail on me hit mailboxes around the state. They have spent over a million dollars just on negative attacks. This is truly becoming a test in Oklahoma if negative attack mail / ads “work” – As Oklahomans we say we don’t like negative campaigns, we can prove it one week from today and change the direction of all future campaigns.”

Pretty words, but: is it negative if it’s true?

Facts are dependable things. And the facts state that thrice he voted to raise the debt ceiling in the name of ‘compromise’ (now well established, here at this place and elsewhere, really means giving in) to the tune of trillions plundered from everyone. Inadvertently, he allowed through these debt ceiling raises, over five hundred million dollars to go to Planned Parenthood. Now, how’s that for a Falls Creek director?

He dodges questions, he dances around them. Town halls hosted by him are a farce at best; questions are screened prior to the discussion.

I for one cannot understand the allure of Lankford to Oklahomans. Now, we see people are in denial – “it can’t be true that he doesn’t practice what he preaches!”

Folks, Shannon and Lankford aren’t the only two involved in this race. Randy Brogdon, a man of faith and principle, is a true conservative/liberty candidate who will actually act his ideals, not just talk about them. Why not consider him for the primary vote? Or do we want the continued reign of Lankford, who installed air conditioners and comfy seats in an amphitheater within an overrated church camp?



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