Contradictions, and denial…

…words that describe the campaign of Lankford.

Well stated here at this Place and elsewhere, Lankford’s words so very often contradict his actions, and as the heat is building up in our figurative kitchen, Lankford supporters are going to extreme lengths to defend or justify this.

Yet then there is outright denial on the part of Lankford supporters. It’s almost amusing to hear what they say, but the future of Oklahoma and in a way, the U.S., is at stake.

TW Shannon is not a conservative either. I do admire that he is willing to stand up to Lankford and point out that Lankford isn’t all he’s cracked up to be. No doubt, however, that is only to advance his own campaign.

If you’re a conservative or libertarian (the two philosophies are aligning closer and closer, more words to come on that, later…) wondering who to vote for, it’s neither.

Lankford, as we know, had a 71 percent conservative voting record, and Shannon, 74 percent. That won’t help when times get tough in DC, and the country.

Lankford: “The issues that I’m being attacked on are issues that say, basically, you should close the government”

The government wasn’t closed! Essential functions were still in operation – and it should be asked, if they aren’t essential, why are they functions of the government to begin with? Perfect opportunity to stand up for his conservative principles and add backing to all his nice words, but, he blew it, compromising for a little peace in Washington.

[For my further words on Compromise, I will direct you to a past blog article, written before the heat up of the election season  ]

I have said much against Lankford lately, but I’m going to take this opportunity to build another up.

It’s always the honest candidates not talked about in the mainstream. They don’t have the millions of dollars from super pacs or dark money behind them. Rather, they rely upon dedicated support of honest people willing to do political homework, and not to take them at words only.

Randy Brogdon is that sort of candidate, who does not operate his campaign on dark money but rather on the support of average Oklahomans. He has a 93% conservative action rate. And for those who say he does not have a chance: if everyone who said that voted for him, he would actually have a chance.

Your comments, always appreciated, by the author of this blog. –


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