What in the world happened…?

Last Tuesday’s election was to me – surprising. I was hopeful that Oklahomans would stand up for themselves and declare that they are in charge.

Well, I was proved wrong. Oklahomans declared that they are more than willing to be stepped upon – indeed, with much fanfare and hubdaloo. Why was this so? I have three reasons –

  1. Misinformation, or lack of information altogether. For instance, in the senate race, it seemed like most everyone thought it was between Shannon and Lankford. But there were some other very well qualified conservatives with better political values than Shannon and Lankford. Then too, the people challenging Fallin were little known outside of the liberty movement here in Oklahoma.
  2. People are afraid of changing the status quo. Or they don’t want to. They say they do – but the actions expressed in the privacy of the voting booth speak much louder than that. People don’t actually want to change things as much as they say they do. Either they’re afraid of what may happen or they are comfortable enough as it is. I don’t really know.
  3. “He doesn’t have a chance” If everyone who said that actually voted upon principle maybe we wouldn’t have such awful politicians. But, as we see, people are perfectly content with having candidates handed to them.

However, it isn’t all bad. We spread the message of liberty and it can only spread more and more. And, at least in the governor election, there is a ray of hope.

It has a name. Richard Prawdzienski. Libertarian running for the governor office, on the independent ticket – he seems to be known in Oklahoma liberty circles but more awareness needs to be raised outside of those circles.

But we have a bit of time to do so.


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