What about the children? (At the border…)

In theory, from an economic standpoint, open borders between all nations would double the wealth of the world.

But in reality, two things must happen to accommodate the existence of an open “free” border.

1. Drugs must be decriminalized. You would have to pull the rug out from under the cartels, which are responsible for most of the violence at our southern border. If you were to turn production over to legitimate domestic enterprises, you would decrease the need for the cartels.
2. Redistribution of wealth must be ceased. If they are going to come over and take more than they produce, we get nowhere. Let them come here to work, but don’t hand them other people’s money. But that should apply to everyone, citizen or no.

But I should know better than to think these things will actually become reality.

Now we are met with a genuine humanitarian crisis. All sorts of children coming up through the Mexican border with nothing to do and nowhere to go – and I do feel for them. I don’t suppose they have any ill intent – they just came for a better opportunity.

That being said, I don’t think that the U.S. government should earmark any money for these kids. If individuals want to donate (Glenn Beck has really done the right thing in wanting to help these children) very well.

But if this is to be an economic positive for the U.S., we can’t have them mooching off of the U.S. taxpayer. Something has to be produced. My solution? Allow them to work!

I realize they are children. But there is nothing wrong with having children working in a safe factory for wages. Either they are on the street becoming criminals – or, they produce something. It’s truly a shame that such a negative connotation with a bit of child labor has developed over the years. Either they become a burden on our inefficient “system” – barely hanging on – or they become productive citizens.

After all, the immigrants that have come to the U.S. and the Americas have come not for government distributed funds but instead – work.

Your thoughts always appreciated.