Vote Independent on Nov. 4th…!

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I see it a lot.  We want something different; deep down we want something different than another democrat or another republican.  Something different than the conventional conservative or liberal.

Yet when decision time comes, we always scurry back to what is most familiar to us – the democrats or the republicans.

In just a few days Oklahoma will be deciding the governor election (along with other offices, of course) and they will have two clowns to choose from: Dorman or Fallin.  Now when it comes to ideology they aren’t all that far apart.  Look at Dorman’s voting record, and it actually looks very conservative.  Of course one must ask why he would choose to align himself with the Democrat party, but that’s another issue.

Fallin is something else entirely.  Her ads smearing Dorman as an extension of Obama’s Policies in the state (“You wouldn’t vote for Obama, so why would you ever vote for Joe Dorman”) but she hasn’t been the great Conservative warrior either.  If the Common Core shows us anything, how she was for it, before she was against it…?  But if you slap together a few anti-Obama ads and put them on Oklahoma televisions, you are unstoppable!

The Big Blog of Freedom and Justice endorses none of these, but rather, Richard Prawdzienski, Independent candidate with profound Libertarian philosophies.

And the Big Blog of Freedom and Justice encourages it’s readers to never fear voting for an Independent candidate.  It’s time we start pulling the rug out from these clowns.

On November Fourth we will see a great mass of voters mozy out to the polls, convinced it is their civic duty to sustain their particular party machine.  Not because they believe in the Republicans or the Democrats, but rather they fear the other worse.  Lesser of two evils.  But vote for an independent candidate?  Out of the question.  People avoid voting for independents simply because they don’t know enough about them, thanks to the media and how people never want to look very far into these matters, or because they don’t want to be part of the loosing team.

And we find that they will vote for the names they recognize (and justify it with, “oh, well, I guess they’re doin’ a good job…”) or worst of all, they will vote straight party ticket.  How long must this circus go on!?

Disclaimer: Not that all independent candidates are free of the political machines or senseless affiliations.  For instance, Greg Orman in Kansas is the independent running for Pat Robert’s seat.  Orman is the popular Democrat choice, and indeed is just another democrat (‘Is a thorn by any other name still a thorn…?’)

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Why Ebola is a problem…


The whole disease part, I don’t see as a problem, especially now. Instead, the problem will be the government’s response to it. This is what people need to be worried about.

Something like Ebola is fertile ground for conspiracy theories of all types. Entirely understandable: our only recourse is speculation when we are fed a stream of fiction and lies.

I wish to bring to your attention, to a few scenarios.  I want you to bear in mind: do I believe the government/CDC, or do I believe some guy on the internet?  As for myself, I take the internet.

First: government will never let a crisis go to waste.  How can government take more power, how may government expand?  How may government involve itself further into our personal lives because of this?

Second:  The media hypes and exaggerates the Ebola (for else it would be a slow news day) and pandemonium begins.  What happens when a mass hysteria begins?  Well, you fill it in.

Third: A vaccine suddenly comes on to the market.  All the scared soccer moms haul their children to get stuck with the needle.  But we must ask, what exactly is in those vaccines?  Maybe it’s not a concern.  However, should we assume things such as this based on a weak ‘maybe’?

Reports are coming through (you won’t hear them in the mainstream media, of course) that so called ‘Ebola’ vaccines are doing more harm than good.  Africans are avoiding the vaccine like the disease itself because it may as well be.

Speculation!  No one has all the answers.  But I do have the key to surviving Ebola 2014 : don’t trust the government.

Adventure in Absurdity #6 – The Equal Marriage hubdallo

I am neither lamenting nor celebrating the decision (or, non decision) which became breaking news yesterday.

For as the old Polish proverb goes – nie mój cyrk, nie moje małpy – not my circus, not my monkeys.  I know in the coming weeks the entire discussion will be about this sudden windfall of equality.   Some will celebrate it, others will lament it, and what is the final result of all this noise?

Those celebrating their newfound freedom to marry will still ignore (or even encourage!) enroachments upon their other freedoms, in the other departments of life, by government.   They will continue to fight for marriage equality across the board either because they are passionate about it or, as in some cases, they want the attention.

Then those lamenting it will drone on about ‘traditional values’ and ‘family values’ and call for government interference in this matter, ignoring the fact that in most other departments those very same people call for the non-interference of government.   The doctrine of, the enforcement by law of what we do and don’t like. 

Long story short?  Both sides are ridiculous.

Oklahoma and the U.S. as a whole will be debating this, and I see no end in sight for it.  Meanwhile, the radical musilims who tolerate neither freedom nor homosexuality (the latter punishable by stoning in that culture) is taking over more and more of the middle east.  They have a foothold in the United States and more so in Europe.  Vladimir Putin, who seems to dislike freedom and for sure has little toleration of homosexuality, is working to take over parts of Ukraine.  If he is successful, what is to stop him from going further?

So while we’re busy with gay pride parades and plastering Facebook with equality signs, remember to put things in perspective.   I know that government should not be involved in marriage to begin with, but instead of fighting for one small freedom for some, let’s all join the fight against government, and foreign threats which seeks to enroach upon all of our freedoms.

Let us not be content with one freedom granted, meanwhile all others are taken away.  How absurd that would be!  Let it never be said that, ‘well, we can’t really do much here in the U.S., but at least we can marry whoever we want!’