Why Ebola is a problem…


The whole disease part, I don’t see as a problem, especially now. Instead, the problem will be the government’s response to it. This is what people need to be worried about.

Something like Ebola is fertile ground for conspiracy theories of all types. Entirely understandable: our only recourse is speculation when we are fed a stream of fiction and lies.

I wish to bring to your attention, to a few scenarios.  I want you to bear in mind: do I believe the government/CDC, or do I believe some guy on the internet?  As for myself, I take the internet.

First: government will never let a crisis go to waste.  How can government take more power, how may government expand?  How may government involve itself further into our personal lives because of this?

Second:  The media hypes and exaggerates the Ebola (for else it would be a slow news day) and pandemonium begins.  What happens when a mass hysteria begins?  Well, you fill it in.

Third: A vaccine suddenly comes on to the market.  All the scared soccer moms haul their children to get stuck with the needle.  But we must ask, what exactly is in those vaccines?  Maybe it’s not a concern.  However, should we assume things such as this based on a weak ‘maybe’?

Reports are coming through (you won’t hear them in the mainstream media, of course) that so called ‘Ebola’ vaccines are doing more harm than good.  Africans are avoiding the vaccine like the disease itself because it may as well be.

Speculation!  No one has all the answers.  But I do have the key to surviving Ebola 2014 : don’t trust the government.


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