Oui, je suis Charlie!

Was it shameful that there was no American representation at the march of leaders in Paris?  Perhaps.  But I don’t think we should be suprised by this “oversight.”

After all, the United States is the land of liberty and justice for all only in our patriotic delusions.

But had someone been sent from the Obama administration, or even if the graying Obama had went himself – it wouldn’t have meant anything.   In fact, his presence might have just made a mockery of the march and the tradgedy itself.  Why?

I doubt that Obama cares for the free speech of Charlie Hebdo.  He has made it very clear that the “future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” equating those who slander the prophet to the “corrupt few that steal a country’s resources” or a “dictator who massacres his people.”  In 2012, the White House questioned the French magazine’s decision to publish some cartoons slandering Islam.  Note, the WH has never (at least so far as I know) questioned the publication of anti-Christian or anti-Jewish cartoons (and Charlie Hebdo published a great amount of those, for sure.)

I cannot  imagine that now, Obama is siding with the cartoonists.  I’m not saying he is siding with the attackers, but I am saying that had he participated in the march, at best it would have been lip service.  Obama, not a muslim himself but shmpathizes with them heavily, would not believe in such “free speech.” All in all, his presence would have been pointless.

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