The State of the Union – no surprise…

We are hardly into the new year and already, my “prediction” has been realized : ( )

“Disappointment” is not a word that can be used to describe the State of the Union speech itself.   It was predictable; no surprise to me that it was filled with nonsense.  This is not the disappointment I speak of.  Obama now is becoming old news – becoming less and less relevant as more people realize that Obama isn’t the problem, it’s everyone behind him.  Obama leaves, another takes his place.

And now he is nothing more than a little man with big ears desperately struggling to leave some sort of legacy for the textbooks, nothing more.  So let’s see Obama for what he is: old news.

Rather, the disappointment I speak of was the GOP response.  Delivered by Joni Ernst, a rising star in the GOP machine, famous for “castrating hogs on an Iowa farm” ( ) failed to translate such blunt rhetoric into the GOP response.  Not only was it a disappointment, it was a complete bore – and wasn’t the effective response that the GOP commentators thought it was.

It was full of “feel good” statements, folksy remarks, cliches, and outright ironies.  “Change the direction,” “Stale old policies” (in refrence to Democrat policies, but we can expect the same from the GOP) In short, this did not help whatsoever and just added to the heap of many words which mean so little.

The only SOTU response worth watching was the libertarian party response – imagine, a speech with substance!  Well, here it is:  (  )


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