Libertarianism comes to Oklahoma…

…and it’s about time.

I have said before that both sides of the gay marriage argument have proved to be ridiculous in their own way; and this puts an end to an argument that otherwise would never have ended.  Whether you are for gay marriage or against it – who is the state to decide?  What is the state doing meddling in marriage anyway?

This bill would effectively take the State out of marriage all together.  Common law marriages are still possible; the clergy are not the only ones that are allowed to preform marriages.  This is the sensible solution Oklahoma Libertarians have been calling for!

Alas, it still isn’t good enough for the LGBT groups in the state, who have offered up such ridiculous complaints, complaints that could easily be answered by actually reading the provisions of the bill.   So the true purpose of these groups and activists become evident: to make as much noise as possible.  Freedom to do something isn’t enough apparently – they also want endorsement.  A state, however, should not be in the business of endorsing things no matter what it is.

Meanwhile another bill dubbed the “Oklahoma Religious Freedom Restoration Act” which protects business owners who want to refuse transactions that would violate their religious beliefs, seems like a contradiction.  On one hand, we have pulled the state out of marriage making same-sex marriages and yet on the other, we have legislation which allows discrimination of them.

Yet a closer examination reveals that they are entirely harmonious, through freedom.  A free market is based on voluntary associations – if you do not want to engage in a transaction with another party, you do not have to.   We do not force customers to associate with certain businesses? So why not the other way around?

I grant that would be silly to discriminate on such grounds as not only would it be a loss of business, it would be bad PR.  However, if it is your business, it is your right.

I hope such simple libertarian philosophies continue to influence our legislature, especially in other matters in desperate need of meaningful attention.


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