Scandals, Scandals Everywhere…

… and already it is becoming a headache, even though the general election is over a year away.

And the preliminary steps of the campaign are already beginning.  On the right, Jeb Bush has begun the obligatory campaign stops; Rand Paul has announced his candidacy, and so on.

Meanwhile we’ve got another scandal on the left, and already it is being run into the ground.  Hillary’s emails have been the top topic of much of the conservative media lately, with no end in sight.  The purpose is clear: anything to discredit Hillary, and the same was attempted with Benghazi.

Doubtless you remember; the feigning of outrage over an attack of an embassy in a place many voters couldn’t find on a map; outrage over the death of an ambassador no one had heard of twelve hours before.   Outrageous or no, their purpose then was thinly veiled: to discredit Hillary.

Let me be perfectly clear: it would be a disaster if Hillary were elected.   But it will be equally as disastrous if Jeb Bush or another establishment republican were elected.

However, I fear that while we are so busy talking about and being outraged over these petty scandals which, in a very short amount of time will be forgotten altogether, we will neglect the most important thing: ideals.

Now don’t misunderstand me, I like a good dirty campaign as much as the next guy; it is fun to watch grown adults act like eighth graders.   However, when it is at the expense of productive discussion over ideals and policy that is intolerable – and such is why campaign seasons have become such a headache.  It’s just a bunch of noise: one party complaining about the outrages of the other, and the other party trying to match it.

If you oppose Hillary, state WHY, and do not include complaints about what she did with her emails.  How much would it really affect us in the long scheme of things?  No, rather, look at her policies, her beliefs, etc, and stop playing politics.  This should be the main point of discussion in the conservative media but, alas, I know better than to get my hopes up.


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