Petty criticism and Ted Cruz…

…Every politician has shortcomings in one way or another.  And no politician whatsoever is above criticism.

However, not twenty four hours after Cruz’ big announcement, the media was already criticizing the man, much of that criticism being quite petty.  There has been little discussion on what the man believes in, or what his policies will be – no, instead, we are seeing criticism ranging from the typical to the absurd.

The most prominent of them thus far is the birther argument.  It will be interesting to see the left on the other side of this argument.  So what exactly is the difference between Cruz and Obama in this matter?  For one, Obama’s birth is still shrouded in mystery, especially if you find the birth certificate provided a few years ago to be a phony.  There are no secrets with Cruz – yes, he was born in Canada but to a mother with American citizenship.  His eligibility then, depends on how you interpret Article Two.

Then there is criticism about his lack of experience.  If this gives any doubt to potential supporters, consider this:

If a former governor runs for president, he will be criticized for lack of legislative experience.

If a former legislator runs for president, he will be criticized for lack of executive experience.

If a businessman runs for president, he will be criticized for lack of political experience.

If a career politician runs for president, he will be criticized for lack of business experience.

And so on.  Altogether we will only run in circles.  But what is the true intent of the critics?  Are they actually concerned about a candidate’s level experience?

Goodness no!  The critics (in the media) are just looking for anything simple to disqualify a candidate to safe himself from having to delve deep into a candidate’s past and beliefs.  Simply, it is an easy way out.

CNN yesterday stretched it to an absurd length, implying that Cruz had a voice in his ear giving him advice during his announcement at Liberty University.  Like that old episode of SpongeBob?  ( ).

See what we will be reduced to?


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