Ted Cruz today Announced his Candidacy…

Already the list of presidential contenders of the GOP is becoming quite crowded.  Yesterday, Ted Cruz was the first to officially announce his candidacy for the president of the United States.

As things stand now, the Big Blog of Freedom and Justice gives it’s endorsement to Rand Paul due to his libertarian tendencies and non-interventionist foreign policy.  However, Ted Cruz is also deeply admired – after all, he wants to abolish the IRS – though his support of the Patriot Act is somewhat concerning.

Not only that, Ted Cruz should be considered because of all his peers he seems to have the most, shall we say, cojones.  He stood for twenty one hours filibustering the debt level increase – this made him many enemies not only in the DNC but enemies in the GOP, of all places.  That same GOP which supposedly makes fiscal responsibility one of it’s “priorities.”

He has taken hard, firm stances – which contrasts deeply with the GOP establishment’s never ending quest for the center vote (which will only hurt them in the end, as we will see).  He did not go to Washington to make friends – and that’s the sort of man we should want in high office.

Simply this: if the GOP wants to get anywhere close to success in 2016, a strong, decisive, and firm nominee is imperative. If they again attempt to pander to the moderate vote with a weak and wimpy candidate (such as Christie or Jeb Bush) they will find the same result as 2008 and 2012 – certain failure.

If the DNC does end up nominating Hillary, the center vote ship will sail for the GOP – most moderate voters will be attracted to her rhetoric and the chance to “make history” by electing the first female president.  Rather, if the GOP does plan on winning the White House in 2016, they must energize the conservative base of the party, just as Reagan did in 1980, and hope for the best.  The other way of doing things hasn’t exactly been working for them.

We must also admire Cruz for willing to take on the battle which will ensue.  Not only will he be attacked mercilessly by the left (which is to be expected) – he will also have to endure attacks from his own party, which will do anything to discredit him for sake of a more “moderate” candidate with a “chance to win.”


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