Adventure in Absurdity #7 – “Religious Freedom Restoration Act”

There has been national outrage over a law that is already on the books in countless other states.

That’s right – the Indiana “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” which is – under the exact same title, I might add – also being considered in our own legislature.  So the purpose is clear, for both sides: playing politics.

Whether or not this bill or those similar allows business owners to discriminate based on their religious beliefs is up for debate, the left making claims and the right struggling to “clarify” – but here that debate is irrelevant.  Let’s say for a moment, that indeed, that is the purpose of the bill.

So what?

We would never seek to force consumers to patronize a certain sort of business.  So, why should we force a business to serve someone?

I will never deny that it would be incredibly stupid, from a business perspective, for a business to “discriminate” based on such things.  Not only do you lose that business, you lose the patronage of those who sympathize with those being discriminated against.

However, as a business owner, this is entirely your right.  A transaction implies two consenting parties.  We would never question the freedom of the consumer (at least, I hope not) so then, why would we question the freedom of the business owner?  If he wishes to discriminate on such silly things – distractions, really – let him.  After all, a choice has consequences, either positive or negative.

Simply this: if you think that it is unjust that a business is discriminating against anyone for any reason, BOYCOTT THAT BUSINESS.  As a consumer, it is your right.

But do not call upon government to do what the free market – the collective force of free consumers – should be doing, for it is not the duty of government to do so.  A government cannot make us all equal, such is an impossible task.  Rather, the only duty of government in this scenario is to remove the obstacles that prevent us from making free choices.

However, this issue is not being discussed in the interests of ideals, but to score cheap points in this massive political circus.


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