Gay Marriage and the Law…

The law is the collective right to an organized defense.

The laws are intended to guarantee to each individual his right to his life, liberty, and property.  Nothing more.

These ideas were put forth in Bastiat’s “The Law” and are as profound today as they were in 1850.

The purpose of the law is not to determine who can and cannot do something.  The purpose of the law is not to determine who can enter into a marriage compact and who cannot.

The real perversion of the law is not changing how it addresses a certain issue or matter, but that it addresses or regulates a certain matter or issue to begin with, when that issue or matter does not stand as a threat to each individual’s life, liberty, or property.

The law is force.  Ultimately, every law is backed up by the threat of imprisonment or with the barrel of a gun.  Or else, the laws would mean nothing.

If you say you wish to prohibit someone from doing something, by the law, ultimately you are saying that you would use force – the threat of a bullet – to prevent that certain something from happening.

When you say we should prohibit something by the law, gay marriage for example, it is not much different than the militant Muslims who use force to accomplish their aims.  It is only a different form.

Hillary Clinton: “deep seated cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural biases have to be changed.”

This is an outrage in of itself – freedom of religion implies that you have full right to believe whatever you wish, so long as it does not affect anyone else.  If we cannot accept this, then we cannot say we have freedom of religion.

But, if we cannot accept adults freely choosing to enter into contracts and agreements on their own volition, we cannot claim to have a free nation.

It is not the Christian values which should be changed.  The only thing that need be changed is the expectation that those values should be forced upon the rest of society, by the law.

Because that is not the proper function of the law.


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