The Ideal Foreign Policy…

Much has been said lately about our national security and foreign policy.  No wonder; these are obviously ongoing issues.

I propose a simpler foreign policy and plan for national security.  A plan which is simple, cheap, and sensible – for this reason it will never be adopted, since no one is set to profit from it.


It was our military interference in other countries which has given the motivation for terrorism; it was our bringing of arms and munitions to those countries that has made it possible.  What a cruel irony, that much of the weapons used against us are of our own manufacture!

And our solutions (and I don’t mean our domestic security measures, which are not at all solutions to anything) seem only to be furthering and perpetuating the problem.

People want to kill us.  This is the apparent problem.  How much we have contributed to this problem is a worthy discussion but forgive me for leaving it out here; nobody likes long winded articles.

We should never be led to think that the way to rectify a mistake is to continue making that same mistake.  Surely an absurd idea, yet it is the basis of our foreign policy – nay, it is the basis for all of our policy from economics to education.

Peace in the middle east will never be had if we continue to bring war, armies, and arms to the area.

Now for my plan; we simply adopt a policy of non interventionism.  Will we be venerable to attack?  Perhaps.  But as I have said elsewhere, lightening poses a greater risk to Americans than terrorist attacks.  Do we fight this too?  No, because you cannot fight nature.  Likewise, it is fruitless to fight human nature, which sometimes tends to want to subjugate other humans.  But we can remove some of the motivation behind it, and pull away the can of gasoline away from the fire.

And after all, our present policy of interventionism is making us no friends and more than anything, it is COSTLY.  If anything, this massive expenditure is only making us weaker.

To those who say we must have security, I answer: security is just an illusion.  Complete security can only be found in a sealed concrete room; but this is known as a prison and that would never do for supposedly free Americans.

To those who say we must fight for our freedom, I answer: our freedom cannot be gained by fighting cave dwellers a world away.  One would think that this would be obvious, but one should never make assumptions.  We have freedom already; it is a natural right after all, and the true enemy to liberty is the burden resulting from the massive taxes necessary to pay for this absurd machinery.

To those who say that we must dominate the world, I answer: if it is for us to dominate the world, it must be through ideas, technology, exchange, commerce, by the example of peace and freedom.  This is real, sustainable, and inspiring; to dominate the world by force is unsustainable and oppressive, not only to others but to the people who must pay for it – ourselves.  The former method can be had at no cost, enriching ourselves all the while; the second is costly and only weakens us further.

Bastiat: “Show me a people who are fed on unjust ideas of their foreign domination, oppressive influence, preponderance, and irresistible power, who meddle in the affairs of neighboring nations, constantly menacing or being menaced, and I will show you a people bowed down with taxes…”


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