SQ 776 and the Death Penalty…

The death penalty is again an issue.

Nebraska’s conservative legislature voted to do away with the practice in the state, to the surprise of many conservatives.  Ron Paul made a few waves when he wrote that if you are pro-life, anti-war, or against big government, you should also oppose the death penalty.

Paul:  “Given the long history of government failures, why should anyone, especially conservatives who claim to be the biggest skeptics of government, think it is a good idea to entrust government with the power of life over death?”

He is exactly right.  We wish to restrict the powers of government – so why on Earth would we grant them the greatest power of all?

This all coincides with our own SQ 776, up for a vote in November of 2016, which seeks to constitutionalize capital punishment.

It is clear that the death penalty does not deter crime as is often thought.  Additionally, it has been well proven that it is a greater burden on the taxpayers to send a man to death at the hands of the state than it is to throw him in prison for the rest of his life.  (If we would stop locking up so many marijuana users, perhaps we would have room for them…)

These are facts, which can be proven with numbers and statistics.

But supporters of the death penalty answer: “But these are very, very bad people!  Some people deserve to die!” and so on.

Nothing is worse than trying to justify your political position with emotional appeals, especially when it flies in the face of facts.

Conservatives, of all people, should know that governments are not infallible.  So why are they so willing to trust them to use this power correctly?  A large concern is taking a man’s life by mistake, but the largest concern of all is giving the state power over LIFE and DEATH.


(Ron Paul’s Article on this subject can be found here:  http://ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/featured-articles/2015/june/14/death-penalty-the-ultimate-corrupt-big-government-program/ )


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