The results of the election in HD 85…

…came as no surprise (and no particular disappointment, being as I don’t live in HD 85) but still worth a look.

In Chip Carter, the victor, we have your typical candidate who is put up by the Chamber of Commerce presumably to serve their interests, and who is presented to the voter as a “Conservative Christian” who will “fight for the community” – whatever that is supposed to mean.  Indeed, this sort of candidate relies upon labels and quick catch phrases – this appeals strongly to the sort of voter who makes their determination the night before by “praying about it.”

And the Chamber will be able to get away with this folly because these sort of voters only seem to care about the social issues which are naturally inconsequential to the Chamber of Commerce.  The voters, who generally never care to inquire very far into things, are satisfied if a candidate proclaims that he will be a “conservative” and will “work to fix education.”  Print that up on those glossy over-sized postcards, make them practically rain from the sky in that district, and it seems you would be unstoppable.

My point of the article here, more or less, is that I find modern campaign methods EXTREMELY tacky (and not to mention, annoying.)  It does not amuse me; and personally I would refuse support to a candidate that seems to have endless money for such tacky marketing techniques: mailers, constant advertisements, telephone calls, etc., which only proclaim the vague sayings expressed by every bible-belt republican candidate and his dog.

Don’t hide behind overused phrases and labels.  Especially if your postcards say at the bottom, in very small print, “Paid for by the State Chamber of Oklahoma.”


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