The “War on Police” …

I cannot quite understand why everyone feels compelled to take such firm, concrete sides in nonsense social conflicts.

As with this “war on police” that has come about lately.  I don’t think it is an all-out war; the delusions of a few (very few!) are not sufficient to be considered a “war.”  But no matter; everyone still feels compelled to pick sides in a conflict that no one can truly win.  Here again, both sides are right, and both sides are wrong.

I cannot understand why some condemn the entire police force for the negative actions of a few – nor can I understand why some people worship the police force because of the positive actions of a few.  It seems to me this is just another political conflict.

To those who oppose the police:  do you not realize that the police are a necessary part of a civilized society?  Sure, I oppose the militarization of the police like anyone else; but there will always have to be some form of police presence in a society, or else the laws won’t mean anything – the law is force.  

But it is not right to threaten the individuals who are a part of the police force, just because they are a part of it.  For it is the system itself that deserves the blame.  Threatening individual officers only provides an excuse to expand the police force further.

To those who support (or outright worship) the police:  many of you claim to be quite skeptical of government.  Meanwhile, you are so supportive of the enforcement arm of that government you are so skeptical of.  Don’t you see the contradiction?

The individuals that make up the police force are not worthy of blame, but they still should be looked upon with some amount of skepticism because they have pledged an oath to uphold the laws – the corrupt laws, the laws which punish any amount of non-violent, non-aggressive activity.

Nobody has anything bad to say about firemen.  Why?  They stay in their fire-stations, and only come out if they are needed.  They don’t go around looking for fires, nor do they go around trying to start them.  They serve a very, very useful function.

The police serve a useful function too, but they dedicate too much time and effort trying to enrich themselves with revenue and punish “crimes” that are nonviolent and non-aggressive.


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