What does the future hold for us?

The Future!  

The choices left to the American people aren’t very bright.

I was impressed with the words Rand Paul offered us – but I fear all to much that they fall on deaf Republican ears.  No, this is Trump’s circus, and Trump’s circus it will remain – thanks in a large part to the media.  Trump is great for ratings.  He’s outrageous, offensive, abrasive – and gives talking heads hours of material to talk about.

But put him with other candidates on one stage,  and all of the sudden he isn’t so high and mighty.

I won’t try and predict who will be the nominee.  It is impossible to do so at this point – either I’ll look like a fool or will just happen upon a lucky guess.  But I have a greater chance of looking like a fool, so I refrain from predictions.

I can say this: either the “outsiders” and the “grassroots” will get their way, it will be between an outright socialist on the left, and a fascist on the right.  It will be up to America to decide, then, which oppressive ideology is least oppressive.

Or, if the establishment gets their way, it will be between two mediocre establishment candidates.  Then, America will have to decide which is the least mediocre.  This is precisely what has been done for decades – and the results of this are just what we deserve.

It never occurs to anyone that there are other choices than these?

Choosing between the lesser of the two evils is all well and good – but do not be surprised when you still end up with evil.

But I am getting ahead of myself, the general election is still a year away…


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