Words are the only thing the GOP can give you …

Yesterday the CNBC debate aired; ninety minutes of sheer absurdity and tom foolery.  To all those that watched it in it’s entirety, my apologies – that’s ninety minutes of your life you will never get back.

Today there has been enough talk about how silly it all was.  No need for more words about that.

Several hours before the debate, however, legislation passed the house of representatives raising the debt ceiling, once again – furthering political commitment to financial irresponsibility.  The worst part about it is that 79 republicans, most of which (including our own Tom Cole and Frank Lucas) were elected for their “conservative principles”  voted in favor of the deal.

We can always count upon these politicians to give speeches and talk about principles, conservatism, fiscal responsibility and all that.  There is never any shortage of rhetoric, especially during election years.  But action?  We cannot be so sure.

Maybe they wanted to avoid a government shutdown.  Government shutdowns are difficult politically, as it always reflects badly upon the GOP.  But that shouldn’t matter, right?  Don’t you have bedrock principles on which you stand on, thick or thin?

We should not fear government shutdowns.  After all, the necessary functions of government remain open.  And, as I have said before, if a function of government is not necessary during times of financial difficulty, why is it a function of government at all?

We can always count on words from the GOP.  But action, meaningful action, is quite another matter.

This election circus will continue, with no foreseeable positive result.


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