A Political “Reality”?

Magical realism or fabulism is when, in a normal or typical time or place, there is an event or situation so outlandish or preposterous, it can scarcely be believed.

Typically this refers to literature, but now we find that description is very fitting for this election – which seems to be coming down to, who sweats the most?

Please, I beg of you, don’t vote for either of these two clowns on Tuesday!

It is hard to believe that this is reality, and not some form of prank gone too far or at very least a shared hallucination.  Elections are just shows to begin with, but this takes it to a whole new level.

And the media is happy to egg this on, these petty comments being thrown between Trump and Rubio, and their passionate supporters eat it up too.  So everyone is happy.  The media gets better ratings and the die hard supporters are energized.

Everyone wins, except for the sensible majority of America which is very weary of this show.  What are we to do?

Well, we have to free ourselves from the political “reality” which has been created for us by the media over time, and vote upon our beliefs, and not what seems to be politically expedient.

The concern is always “well, I like candidate X, but he has no chance” or “Candidate Y is undetectable, if we want to beat Hillary…”  Yet they don’t realize that whomever the compromise candidate is, will be just as bad as Hillary Clinton.  Any of the candidates now left on the republican stage would support just as much big government as Hillary (or any other Democrat) would.  What is being accomplished by this frame of thought?  Nothing.

In Oklahoma, the Libertarian party has finally become legitimatized – enough signatures were provided to make it a recognized party in the State.

I encourage all who value and treasure economic and personal liberty to switch their registration to the Libertarian party of Oklahoma at your earliest convenience.  If you hesitate because you that the libertarian party is not a truly legitimate party, remember – it is up to us to give it legitimacy.

A principled vote is never a vote wasted.  



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