Bernie Sanders and the Nomination

Bernie Sanders – I disagree with the man’s principles almost entirely, and it is not even proper to call him anti-establishment as the man is an elected official for many years.  (If elected officials aren’t ‘establishment,’ I don’t know who is.)  But, he has taken some hard, firm anti-establishment stances, and his philosophy has been consistent from day one – unlike his opponent.  I appreciate his consistency, not to mention the passion and dedication of his supporters, which I admire immensely.  It’s safe to say that it was Sanders’ campaign which motivated them to become involved; an involvement that would not be so passionate if he or a similar candidate was not in the race.

It is also safe to say that if Bernie Sanders looses the nomination by a considerable margin, or if he is prevented from a proper shot at the nomination through some form of backroom dealing in the democratic establishment, it will result in the outright disillusionment of an entire class of voters – the youth vote.  I would find this very lamentable.

Bernie Sanders is a socialist and it is the express purpose of this website to combat socialism in all it’s forms, but in the opinion of the Big Blog of Freedom and Justice, we should rather have a Sanders nomination than a Hillary nomination.  After all, all the candidates remaining,  right or left, are socialists – the only difference is the extent.

For we can clearly see that a Sanders nomination will bring a debate and a discussion of what’s really important – ideas.  A Hillary nomination would bring an endless and frustrating debate over emails, confidential information, and whatever other personal indiscretions that can be dug up between now and November.  Is this what we really want?


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