The Failure of the Vaccine Informational Bill

Whenever the legislature is in session, it is an unfortunate thing for Oklahomans.

The Vaccine information bill passed overwhelmingly in both houses of our state congress, just to be vetoed by the governor.  Yesterday took place an attempt to override that veto, which failed in the house.

This is one of the few pieces of legislation on the subject that can be considered completely neutral, in that it does not oppose or support any particular side of the vaccine issue.  Simply, it was to require a list of ingredients be offered with a vaccine to the patient.

Everything else we are able to consume or otherwise put into our bodies comes with a list of ingredients.  Why should vaccines be any different?

Chances are, that the informational sheets will be tucked away without thought by most; just as we ignore the long, imposing list of chemicals on each can of soda.  I do not think this bill would have discouraged anyone from refusing a vaccine that wouldn’t have refused it anyway.

But now perhaps, more damage has been done because of the suppression of this harmless piece of legislation.  Maybe there is something amiss with the vaccines that are being administered, after all?  If there wasn’t, why would this piece of legislation be, as Fallin said, “a step in the wrong direction?”

This legislative disappointment is peanuts compared to what we will soon be seeing regarding the budget.  Oklahomans now have every right to feel frustrated and disillusioned.


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