Political Violence is only helping Trump…

Violence in the streets!  Anarchy reigns!  Such is the attitude of some right wing commentators; perhaps they are being a little over-dramatic.  Of course there is no denying that the violence in the streets is an improper way of voicing discontent, and indeed the anti-Trump protesters are being quite over-dramatic as well; they are acting as if a Trump election will bring about a holocaust to rid ourselves of foreigners.  Even if that is the case, throwing eggs and carrying on as the left does will not help their cause.  Violence like that only cements the support for Trump.  Maybe the left wing ought to try an intelligent argument?  Might be a bit much to ask.

It is difficult to take the chaos seriously when it is surrounded by such absurdity and hypocrisy.  On the left: so much for being the ‘tolerant’ ones.  On the right: I’m sure armed insurrection has been suggested by more than a few right wingers over the past eight years.

2016 looks very similar to 1968.  Political chaos rampant, the right wing candidate despised and the left wing in complete disarray – what will come of us!?  We remember the storms of 1968, but do we forget that the storm subsided after the politics was over?  One rather loud talk show host is convinced that society is on the verge of crumbling because some are throwing eggs and waving Mexican flags.

It is far too easy to be caught up in the emergency or now or never political rhetoric which dominates now, easy to be carried away in the great drama of American politics.  But after it is all over, I would be willing to bet that no matter what the result, society will not ‘crumble.’ Society was here long before politics and it would be unreasonable to say that politics will bring down a ‘society’ which will exist so long as people are associating and conducting commerce.

But it is politics that is dividing us, but not only is it dividing us, it is dividing us along false fault lines, over non-issues that would be nothing if it weren’t for the fear mongering and propagandizing by the different media outlets.

One talks of the battles of 1968 – yes, they were bad.  They were hideous.  But one forgets to mention the return to some form of normalcy in the time after.  Politics is violently dividing us, needlessly so.

Especially needlessly because it isn’t as if anything is going to change with another election.  I’ll put it very simply: democracy is a sham, at least on a national level.  The status quo will be perpetuated, come what may politically.

What a shame, that people are not so passionate when it comes to local matters, on which some exertion of passion might spur some change.

Is Trump at fault for all this?  No, assuredly not.  Words are just words, entirely meaningless and are especially so coming from him.  These protests would be a little more understandable if these policies were actually being implemented, but seeing as they aren’t going to be, it’s all quite ridiculous to this observer.

But it does help solidify support for him among those that have been on the fence about his candidacy, most particularly the former Cruz supporters.  This political violence, while it won’t be the only factor, may serve to help Trump in a general election.  Especially so, if it continues through November.



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