A safe space for Donald…

The right wing has had a good time making fun of the throngs of University students who, when faced with a negative aspect of reality, scurry quickly to a “safe space.”

There, universities are offering coloring books and play-dough in order to help students “cope” with harsh realities.  I’m all for reconnecting with childhood, but this is a bit much.

The right wing likes to sit back and laugh at the liberals who are offended by everything.  Indeed, it is more than a little amusing.  Problem is, the right wing is equally susceptible to the same behavior.

You’ll notice the offended right wingers come out of the woodwork whenever someone disrespects a flag, or refuses to stand for some sort of pledge, and so on.  So really, it’s not whether they choose to be offended or not, but simply deciding what “issues” are worthy of this irrational outrage.

And this is the problem with our deteriorating political culture: so much of the ideas are based on emotions, and as previously noted here, reactions.  Both sides are extremely guilty of this.

To his credit, Mike Pence himself was not at all outraged and took the “Hamilton” incident in stride; but we all know that Commandant Combover was not so understanding.

I wonder what Milo Yannopolis now has to say about Trump demanding a safe space and apologies?


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