The Alt Right is Nothing

The alt-right is nothing more than a category of memes, consumed seriously by a few neckbeards in basements and enjoyed ironically by a few others.

The alt-right is not an organized ideology, or movement.  It is a label, slapped on to anyone with racist or nationalistic tendencies, only to advance a certain “progressive” political agenda which only flourishes if it has those tendencies to combat.

Racism does still exist.  But we cannot say that it exists politically, or meaningfully in any sense other than the rantings of rednecks; hardly politically powerful.

Trump did not win because of racism.  There was very little that was actually racist about his program, all of the percieved racism as projected by others who were being  little over-dramatic.  No, he won because he seemed to offer solid economic solutions to a country which has not sufficiently recovered.  The “recovery” we have had has not really been much of a recovery in most respects, but rather a normalization: we’ve just become accustomed.

Clinton could offer nothing substantive; everything she said was a rehashing of what was given to us in 2008 and 2012, which came to nothing.  This is why Trump won.  I will be the first to admit that his economic policy is based on shaky ground, but it is simply the illusion of something different that was enough to have him elected.


Trump in no way represents any of the supposed interests of the “alt-right.”  Sure, they will celebrate the victory of Emperor Trump, but Trump has taken a moderate line since his victory, and arguably even before, save for a few issues.

Statistically the alt-right is a small, minuscule number; yet the media and the left treats the “movement” as if it were taking over the right!

Honestly, the full amount may be a couple thousand who lurk on the internet.  Little more…


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