Was “Fake News” Responsible?

The election is over, but in a way, it isn’t really over.  We will be talking about this for a very long time, or at least until something more captivating takes our attention.  In the meantime, people are looking for the reason why Trump won this victory, but they ignore the obvious.  Now, they are blaming a new phenomenon called “fake news.”

Fake news, or anything that doesn’t come from big media sources (as if their reporting isn’t riddled with inaccuracies) cannot really be the cause of Trump’s victory.

I glanced over a list of fake news sources a couple days ago; included among them was “100 Percent Fed Up” “The Onion” (could there have been any doubt about that on!?) and “Infowars.”  To be fair, it also included “Occupy Democrats” – but all of these have one thing in common.  Not inaccuracy, necessarily, but all of these “news” sources were consumed by people that had very likely already made up their mind.

Who else but conservatives share clickbait from “100 percent fed up” or “Infowars”?  Who else but conservatives take the bait, open it up, and read them?

No, the reason is still obvious.  Trump offered something different, and the voters want something “different” as they often do, every eight years, when the policies of either party aren’t working.

But as regards the press!  Throughout the campaign season, it wasn’t anything to turn on the TV and see a Trump rally being broadcasted, in full.  It seems the press grew accustomed to abdicating their journalistic responsibility, turning the Trump feed on, kicking their feet up and hope that he says something explosive.  No one can deny the man can entertain, and if he did say something even the least bit inflammatory, it would give the media something to chew on for the next twenty four hours.

A perfect arrangement!  Except, with one unforeseen consequence:  Donald Trump was thus broadcasted into millions of homes, for all the voters, raw and unedited.  Despite all the opinion and analysis of the talking heads, the voters (at least in the places it mattered: North Carolina, Florida, Michigan, etc.) liked what they heard, rendering the media’s usual function meaningless.

I think we’re all growing a little tired of trying to place blame when it could be nothing but the mediocrity of the Democrat candidate.  You know, this election was in no way “stolen” from her, nor was she in any way entitled to the victory.

Is the Big Blog of Freedom and Justice “fake news” – well, it isn’t news at all really, it’s just opinion.  And I fear that too often we confuse the two.


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