The Russian Fiction

This last afternoon was the most desperate display on the part of the left to blame their embarrassing loss on anyone but themselves.

All these new concepts: among them fake news and Russian hacking, cannot be proven or tangibly observed.  No matter.

Now, it matters, because the outgoing president has just promised some sort of “action” in response to a “compromise” of the election.  In reality, the integrity of the election occurred when the democrat party a) favored Hillary Clinton’s nomination from the start, and, b) allows the use of superdelegates.   There was no integrity to this election, no matter the result.  Does this sound conspiratorial?  Yes.  Evidently conspiracy theories are now in fashion, because it benefits the left.  Indeed, the left that normally mocks the right wing conspiracy theorists is now engaging in them; fearing these fictions that they have created.

I’m so astonished at what I just heard at this press conference, that my thoughts may seem a little disorganized.  Nevertheless, here they are:

  • They ignore the content of the Podesta and DNC leak, and rather on fixated on how those leaks happened.  If the tables were turned and right wing emails were leaked, the left would be fixated on the content, as opposed to how they came to light.
  • The majority of America receives it’s news from the mainstream news sources.  Fake News or Russian propaganda (?)  is in the American context relatively obscure and cannot be blamed for the outcome of an election.  The domestic “real” media can be blamed, for reasons described in a previous article.
  • The outgoing president has said that Russia is “contrary” to what Americans stand for.  I would be immensely appreciative if someone could explain the rationale behind this statement.  It would be true if this was thirty years ago, or Russia was still under a communist regime.  But they aren’t.  The interests of our two countries do not clash or contradict.
  • I’m also quite curious what form this retaliatory “action” will take.  And, after all, it’s a bit hypocritical of us, we who have compromised the “integrity” of elections of many different countries to suite our interests.

If Putin supported a certain candidate in our election, is it any small wonder that he would have supported the candidate that supports peace with a major nuclear power, instead of continued provocations?  For this we cannot blame him.

In all this I can’t help but thinking, if the shoe were on the other foot and Putin supported Clinton, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.  The right wingers who would be concerned in this hypothetical about Russian involvement would be dismissed totally as “conspiracy theorists.”

In other news, it’s interesting to see Alex Jones dismiss a conspiracy theory…



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