A new year (and a look back)

When it comes to 2016, it seems everyone is singing the blues.  On the surface, this is understandable; it’s true that we lost a lot of great people and the United States was put through a very exhausting election cycle.

But to me, it was more than that.  Love it or hate it, we witnessed an unprecedented political upset that was predicted by virtually no one, a victory on par with a revolution – such is the possible impact.

There were some golden moments.  Such as:

  1. Pepe the Frog, longtime meme, was declared a “hate symbol.”
  2. “Please clap”
  3. A Presidential nominee actually read aloud some Brietbart headlines, among them: “Would you rather your child have Feminism or Cancer?” (In Clinton’s infamous alt-right speech)
  4. The election couldn’t be rigged.  Until Trump won.  Then, it was rigged.
  5. The election couldn’t be hacked.  Until Trump won.  Then, it was definitely hacked.  By Russia, somehow.
  6. A political assassination, similar to that which triggered a world war a hundred years ago, seem to spur only memes within minutes (!) of its happening.

It was a strange year.  But I choose to be optimistic, unlike all the people who were so over-dramatic in their lament of Trump’s victory.  I didn’t support him, but I am more than willing to give him a chance, especially in light of the Russian situation.

The most important thing that occurred in 2016,  the thing I think will have the most long term impact, is the beginnings of a new style of Conservatism.  It’s a younger conservatism, at once more libertarian and more nationalistic than traditional conservatism.  Although it is typically derailed as the “alt-right,” it is not that; young conservatism seeks the perpetuation of western values such as freedom, equality, and toleration.

While Trump’s main base of support was necessarily traditional conservatives, Trump’s unfiltered ideals and philosophies seem to be more harmonious with this new style of conservatism.  We can only watch to see where it will lead.


Anyway, I’d like to take this chance to wish all my readers and friends a happy and healthy new year, which I hope will be happy and successful for all of you.  Along with, of course, my gratitude for your support over this past year.


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