The Stagnation of Progressivism



It was happening anyway.  Trump’s victory only showed the stagnation – and the utter desperation on the part of the progressive movement for some sort of relevance.

Progressive policies and movements have given us no tangible, positive changes.  Instead, the progressive movement gives us only self-righteous whining.   All the progressive movement’s members are so entirely sure of themselves, contrary opinions are not just disagreements, they are seen as aggression.  There is no possible reasonable mindset but their own.

Of course, this is fairly obvious.

Meryl Streep did nothing brave (or remotely interesting or useful) in her anti-Trump rant, which is nothing but a repeat of what we constantly hear from the left wing.  Just as the right wing began to invent apocalyptic fictions eight years ago, just to live in constant paranoia in the shadow of those fictions, so we now see the progressive movement do the exact same thing.

Streep attacked Trump, which is well within her right to do.  The progressives applauded her for it.  Trump, who has every right to respond in kind, responds and is attacked for it.

I say that progressivism is stagnant because it cannot offer a proper, intellectual defense of itself.  It can only attack the opposition, and then run behind a chair and accuse the opposition of aggression when it has the audacity to argue back.  It can only drone on endlessly about the non-existent oppression of homosexuals and related groups, non existent racism, pronouns and inventing new genders.  These are all signs of a stagnation.

I’m not sure if it’s the stagnation that was responsible for Trump’s win (i’m still convinced that it was the perception of something different, that influenced the voters where it mattered) and progressivism is not going to disappear, either.  It’s still more fashionable to be a liberal, after all.



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