Is it really okay to punch a Nazi?


This is an odd little question, but it is one that actually needs to be answered, instead of just a provocative hypothetical for discussion.  When someone asked Jeb Bush if he would kill baby Hitler, well, that’s just a hypothetical meant to provoke.  But now, there are really people going around and punching Nazis.  Is that okay?

I suppose if old Adolf, Himmler, or Goebells wandered into your local Walmart, yeah, I suppose it would be justifiable to punch them.  And if a skinhead went around causing trouble, I don’t think it would be too big of a deal to give them a swift punch to the nose too.  I certainly wouldn’t complain.

The answer all depends on your definition of what a “Nazi” really is.

Here’s the problem with saying that it’s okay to punch a Nazi: the true real Nazis are either dead or dying.  The modern skinheads are a tiny minority that are really best ignored.  So that leaves what?  Some sort of vague accusation of “bigotry” which is constantly being tossed from the political left, onto anyone they don’t like.

So while they’re saying “It’s okay to punch a Nazi,” what they’re really saying is that “It’s okay to punch anyone who we disagree with” because anyone that disagrees with them is automatically a bigot, a sexist, a racist.  There’s no rhyme or reason to these accusations; and thanks to a media and pop culture which is completely dedicated to leftism, there doesn’t have to be.


Limiting the range of acceptable opinions

It is rather unfortunate, that there is a sort of “libertarian establishment” forming, which seeks to limit the range of acceptable opinion. It is being driven by the smug leftists who have, to the detriment of the real Oklahoma libertarian movement, dominated the discussion and leadership.
As a libertarian, I believe in the equal rights of women. I believe in the equal rights of homosexuals. And I also recognize that Islam, wherever it exists, wherever it dominates, suppresses those very rights. As an honest libertarian, I could not possibly be okay with an institution or organization that opposes and seeks to suppress these rights.
You might allege that I have some sort of deep seated hatred for Islam, and I’m just saying this to strengthen my argument. No. It would be much easier, and I would much prefer, to believe that Islam is a peaceful religion like all the rest. I would much rather be able to accept it. It would be easier, it would mean less hard feelings. But truthfully, I can’t. Islam runs contrary to every deeply held Libertarian belief.
You can say “well, what about Christianity!? They hate homosexuals!” No. Yeah, Christians might disagree with that lifestyle. But the modern American Christian is not in the habit of taking action. They gripe from the pews, but quickly run away from them when it is time for lunch. No Christians support murdering or systematically oppressing them. Oh, I’m sure that a certain smug leftist can probably drudge up some instance which occurred a few years ago where a Christian running for the Oklahoma legislature said something to that effect. One instance.  
Nobody likes to hear what Milo said.  It’s not very fun.  But that does not make it any less true.
It is illegal to be homosexual in twelve Islamic countries.  Is that very libertarian?
52 percent of British muslims think Homosexuality should be made illegal.  (Worth noting: not just homosexual marriage, which many in the US still oppose, but rather: homosexuality in general).  Is that very libertarian?

Leftism is the enemy of freedom

The one, solid, discernible threat to American freedom at the present isn’t terrorism, socialism, or Donald Trump.  Instead, it’s ultra-leftism.

The events of last night have elevated the left wing from an incoherent and increasingly irrelevant political philosophy to an organized movement of violence and hatred, directed towards anyone who dares question their out of touch notions or worldviews.

When this leftism is given a platform or authority, it becomes a danger to the life and property of a free people.

As a libertarian, I have made clear that all peaceful people have the right to live as they will.  But that does not mean I have to condone or approve of their lifestyle.  The leftists would say, in response, that anything less than full support of all opposing lifestyles is hatred and bigotry.

Where could this have originated?

It’s not as if humans usually tend towards such extremes.  They can be, however, driven there.

It begins when you bring forth a new generation, an American generation raised in the 1990’s through the 2000’s.  This is the generation which has seen, overall, the highest standard of living of anyone else throughout human history.  A generation that was scarcely denied anything; it was a generation raised by daycare facilities and video games.  A generation which was never denied anything will not know how to respond well when they are deprived of something.

When we apply this to politics, we begin to see very clearly.  24 hours of constant leftist rhetoric being emitted from nearly every broadcast network, paper news publication, and internet news site, constantly creating enemies to fight them, constantly portraying the Right wing as something it isn’t, to justify their own existence.  If a movement has something to fight, it has a purpose.  If it doesn’t, the movement ceases to be meaningful.

Well, this new generation, which has only been recently politically active, has bought into these apocalyptic fictions painted by a desperate, dying movement – which has now a new life, far more terrifying than ever before.

Leftism is more of a religion than a philosophy; it necessarily preaches tolerance, but thinks less of anyone that does not fully hop on board with their worldview.  It is annoyingly self-righteous, and like a religion, the faithful are unwilling to compromise.  When they don’t get their way, they don’t seek to wait until next time, and elect people that will undo the policies of the politician previous (as is what the right did, with stunning gusto) but instead, throw a fit.

But this religion is becoming violent, and badly informed.  I would be willing to wager that those people out on the campus last night could not name a single thing that Milo said that was in any way “racist,” “sexist,” “homophobic,” etc.  All they can tell you is that he is a “racist,” a “sexist,” or a “homophobe.”  Not because they have happened upon that conclusion on their own, but because a left wing media source has assured them, baselessly, of this.

Leftism is entirely dangerous to freedom because it is more a religion than a philosophy.  It’s participants, far from leaving everyone alone, seek to impose their ideas on everyone else.  Heaven forbid if this new, radical leftism ever takes effective power.