Limiting the range of acceptable opinions

It is rather unfortunate, that there is a sort of “libertarian establishment” forming, which seeks to limit the range of acceptable opinion. It is being driven by the smug leftists who have, to the detriment of the real Oklahoma libertarian movement, dominated the discussion and leadership.
As a libertarian, I believe in the equal rights of women. I believe in the equal rights of homosexuals. And I also recognize that Islam, wherever it exists, wherever it dominates, suppresses those very rights. As an honest libertarian, I could not possibly be okay with an institution or organization that opposes and seeks to suppress these rights.
You might allege that I have some sort of deep seated hatred for Islam, and I’m just saying this to strengthen my argument. No. It would be much easier, and I would much prefer, to believe that Islam is a peaceful religion like all the rest. I would much rather be able to accept it. It would be easier, it would mean less hard feelings. But truthfully, I can’t. Islam runs contrary to every deeply held Libertarian belief.
You can say “well, what about Christianity!? They hate homosexuals!” No. Yeah, Christians might disagree with that lifestyle. But the modern American Christian is not in the habit of taking action. They gripe from the pews, but quickly run away from them when it is time for lunch. No Christians support murdering or systematically oppressing them. Oh, I’m sure that a certain smug leftist can probably drudge up some instance which occurred a few years ago where a Christian running for the Oklahoma legislature said something to that effect. One instance.  
Nobody likes to hear what Milo said.  It’s not very fun.  But that does not make it any less true.
It is illegal to be homosexual in twelve Islamic countries.  Is that very libertarian?
52 percent of British muslims think Homosexuality should be made illegal.  (Worth noting: not just homosexual marriage, which many in the US still oppose, but rather: homosexuality in general).  Is that very libertarian?

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