Is it really okay to punch a Nazi?


This is an odd little question, but it is one that actually needs to be answered, instead of just a provocative hypothetical for discussion.  When someone asked Jeb Bush if he would kill baby Hitler, well, that’s just a hypothetical meant to provoke.  But now, there are really people going around and punching Nazis.  Is that okay?

I suppose if old Adolf, Himmler, or Goebells wandered into your local Walmart, yeah, I suppose it would be justifiable to punch them.  And if a skinhead went around causing trouble, I don’t think it would be too big of a deal to give them a swift punch to the nose too.  I certainly wouldn’t complain.

The answer all depends on your definition of what a “Nazi” really is.

Here’s the problem with saying that it’s okay to punch a Nazi: the true real Nazis are either dead or dying.  The modern skinheads are a tiny minority that are really best ignored.  So that leaves what?  Some sort of vague accusation of “bigotry” which is constantly being tossed from the political left, onto anyone they don’t like.

So while they’re saying “It’s okay to punch a Nazi,” what they’re really saying is that “It’s okay to punch anyone who we disagree with” because anyone that disagrees with them is automatically a bigot, a sexist, a racist.  There’s no rhyme or reason to these accusations; and thanks to a media and pop culture which is completely dedicated to leftism, there doesn’t have to be.


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