Opposing Trump without loosing legitimacy

Or, how to oppose Trump with “grace.”

Of course, my readers (and anyone that happened to be around me long enough for a conversation) knew that I opposed Trump’s policies as soon as he announced his candidacy.  I may have hopped on a few opinion bandwagons; but I did so because I also opposed the alternative, which was merely another shade (granted, less amusing) of the same problem: using government power to enforce particular political agendas and purposes.

Now that he’s president, it would be very easy for me to hop on these smug, self-righteous, pop culture bandwagons in opposition to his policies.  Everyone else is doing it.  These articles would practically write themselves.

But I don’t do that.  Even though I do oppose some of Trump’s measures, I haven’t been vocal in my opposition.  Why?  I hesitate because I don’t want to be lopped in with the aforementioned bandwagons.

These bandwagons have no substance, no sustaining force other than the talking points devised by a bitter media, and led by the useless: politicians, celebrities, other media figures, etc.  Led by people whose only qualification is being famous.   A very dismal thing, to take your political points from someone like this.

This bandwagon is becoming so large, and so constant, it now seems to be nothing more than background static.  Always there, a little annoying, but easily ignored.  Which raises a concern: when there is some actual serious violation of the mandate, some serious dishonesty, who will listen to the outrage?  No one in mainstream, everyday America, because the “outrage” of these bandwagons is already wearing out it’s welcome.

I have said that if Donald Trump liberates North Korea, the media here will find a way to spin it to criticize Trump and glorify the (hopefully disposed) Kim Jong Un.  That is the moment that they will loose their last shred of credibility.

Because it’s not that they oppose the things (they never said anything when the last president “banned” people) but it’s simply because they oppose the man, and thus will say anything that will frame him in a bad light, no matter how good the action is on Trump’s part.  He could hand a new puppy to every child in the World and it wouldn’t matter.



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