Oklahoma Republicans are Blowing It

Republicans are well entrenched in power in Oklahoma.  And for the moment, despite all their blunders, their corruption, and outright incompetence – there is no indication that Republican’s political dominance will end.  It will someday, however, as demographics shift in Oklahoma.

Republicans are certainly taking their present immunity from meaningful political opposition in Oklahoma for granted.  The budget fiasco and the shady “solutions” to it further negatively impact the reputation of a party which, both on the state and national level, is suffering already from a PR problem.

So just what are the Oklahoma republicans thinking?  It could be that they aren’t thinking.  However, I think it’s a sort of prevailing hubris and delusions of political indestructibility.

They keep up this nonsense, and their days are numbered.

I am referring, of course, to how they handled the budget fiasco in 2017.  It’s not that I wanted them to raise taxes; I think cuts could still be made.  However, the republicans have refused to do this.

If you are going to raise taxes, it must be done in a fair and sensible manner.  In this case, it would be a slight increase in the income tax rate.  Now, I don’t mean to say that this would be a good thing – but it is preferable to willy-nilly taxes like cigarette “fees.”  Nickels and dimes which are not only a temporary fix, but also will never go away.

The beauty of raising the income tax now, is that it will be lowered again later down the road when it becomes politically expedient.  However, no one’s going to rise to the campaign stump and declare “I’m for lowering the sales tax on cars…” because soon, the increase in that tax will be forgotten.  But people remember the income tax…


Republicans don’t need to worry now.  There’s still enough voters that, though this circus angers them, they would never consider voting for democrats.  Give it ten years, and this is going to change, dramatically.


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