President Trump can tweet whatever he wants

Fifteen years ago, the title of this article would have made no sense at all…

Trump cannot say or do anything without a rain of criticism from the media.  So it’s less that he did something actually wrong with his latest round of tweets, but really the media will latch onto anything to attack him on.  Bearing this reality in mind, let’s proceed with my commentary on this nonsense.

Trump can tweet whatever he wants from his personal twitter account.  It would perhaps be different if it was from the POTUS twitter account (which is really the property of the office, and not the man who occupies it.)  But it’s from his personal twitter account; given the unprecedented situation this is, we would be right in asking a couple of questions:

Is the president of the United States denied freedom of speech rights?

If yes, are all politicians and government officials denied freedom of speech rights?

Really, I can’t get on board with all this false outrage over these tweets.  Do words hurt you?

Scarborough says that he constantly “degrades” women.  But then, why are women looking for validation from a man they despise?

He has also degraded men on his twitter account.  (“Pervert alert.  Anthony Weiner is back on Twitter.  All girls under the age of 18, block him immediately.”)  This isn’t a problem, is it?  We don’t see the same sort of outrage from the left when he criticizes a man on his twitter (or in person.)  The real sexism here is that the left, by being selectively outraged, is saying that women are too sensitive to handle criticism.   If the genders are equal (they are, of course) they ought to be able to handle negative words like anyone else.


We ought to oppose any censorship whatsoever.


Why do people become so outraged over words on social media?  I remember after the May 20th tornado, a facebook post of a man made the outrage rounds.  He asked why it was that people were still living in Moore, given that the tornadoes were a common occurrence (paraphrasing here, this was three years ago.)

Instead of people just ignoring it, chuckling at it, treating it for what it was worth (nothing) these keyboard warriors mounted a campaign to have him fired by his employer.  Why?  What did that accomplish?  The post was on his personal facebook.

They were just words.

And if “Low IQ Crazy Mika” cries herself to sleep over what Donald Trump said about her, that is her problem, not his.  And it certainly isn’t our problem.

Trump’s personal twitter offers us a connection to the president never before seen.  We can read his tweets like we would any of our friends, and it offers a direct unfiltered connection between the United States president and the people of the world.

And besides, it’s entertaining.  “Pervert alert!”



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