Libertarianism, Morality, and Bigotry

It’s a thankless job, defending libertarianism from leftists.

The question: ought libertarians actively seek and weed out supposed “bigots” from the ranks of libertarianism?

At the surface, this seems reasonable.  Who wants racists and sexists crashing the party? Certainly, if allowed to get out of hand, this could pose problems for the image of the philosophy and more practically, the party.

But hold on a minute: it’s not so clear cut.  We are inclined to ask the following questions:

  1. Who defines what is bigoted?  As noted above, racism and sexism is pretty obvious.  What about other things, though?  If I oppose modern Feminism (I do, actually – it’s an absurd movement that has outlived it’s usefulness) does that throw me in the boat of bigots?  How about philosophical disagreements with religions?  Nobody really cares about disagreements regarding Christianity, but what about the sacred cow of the left-libertarians, Islam?
  2. Who decides?  Who decides what is done?  You can’t be kicked out of the party (I think?) you can’t be voted off the island – so what?

A lot of question marks, and of course it’s purely rhetorical, intended to point out the weaknesses in the above concept.  Of course, I think it’s really all a frivolous matter.

You see, the left libertarians have an obsession with chasing and attacking what is essentially a ghost – bigotry.  While it technically does exist, it does not exist meaningfully, just like a ghost.  Even worse, this concept of “getting rid of the bigots” will really just be used to get rid of people whose opinions we don’t like.  Anything can be “bigoted” if you say it’s bigoted.

Of course, the point is moot anyway.  If all the white supremacists banded together and decided to call themselves libertarians, what could we really do about it?  No fear of that happening though; remember that many white supremacists (Richard Spencer, most notably) are socialists in the tradition of Hitler himself.



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