Who is the aggressor?

It’s really a strange thing: when the opposition to a president is so strong, the belligerence of an oppressive foreign regime is excused.  Where will this stop?

I’m all for political opposition when it’s called for, but excusing the threats of a belligerent enemy just to spite Donald Trump is really too much.

Are we really supposed to believe that,

a) Donald Trump is the aggressor, when vague threats have been made for years by North Korea, and now lately threats of a more specific nature have been made by Pyongyang?

b)  The United States military, who can respond to any sort of contingency quickly and efficiently, is going to be caught with their pants down by one North Korean nuclear missile, resulting in mass death and destruction?

We could cripple the military infrastructure of North Korea easily and without a significant loss of life.  While they do have a large number of troops, their infrastructure and technology is certainly lacking to fully exploit the effectiveness of their large numbers.

I would be very surprised if any strategy set forth by the pentagon or the administration regarding the neutralization of the North Korean nuclear capacity does not take into consideration the innocent human life in North or South Korea, or our own country.  No, friends, the future of humanity is not “at stake.”  No, this isn’t going to result in any sort of mass genocide.

Stop scaring the children just so you can win some cheap political points.  It won’t help you in the midterms…

The left is so worried about war with North Korea.  If you believed them, you would think that the world is on the brink of destruction, every human life is at risk, it’s worthwhile to build fallout shelters once again, and so on.  A typical load of nonsense.

But if the left had it their way, we would be in a war against Russia.  What does their belligerence toward that country suggest – hopes for peace?  A war with Russia, given that their missiles don’t fail catastrophically to the amusement of all observers (as North Korea’s do) would likely be devastating if allowed to escalate, and certainly unnecessary.

But that war would be okay?  Where’s the logic here, folks?  The logic is very simple: if President Trump says or does something, we must automatically oppose it, even if it makes no sense to oppose it.  Because, you know, #notmypresident and all that.

War with Russia is okay, because Trump doesn’t want to go to war with Russia.  War with North Korea is not okay, because Trump wants to go to war (or solve the problem by “fire and fury” – whatever form that takes.)

I tell you, politics is becoming one massive shitpost.


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